Pre-travel Discipline

56 days until our travels begin.

Among the many things that need to be accomplished before we start the adventures, figuring out what we need to carry is a pretty big one.

There are lots of sites and posts that can give you an idea of what other people are carrying. Some of my favorites…

You can see that despite some common themes they’re all slightly different, and they all have their personal preferences. So how do we know what’s best for us before we’re out there and already committed?

We’re figuring that out by living life – at least partially – like we’re vagabonding already. We try to have everything we think we need for our daily lives while traveling set aside. For the next few months we can refine those items, and determine out what’s really essential.

For instance, all of my personal hygiene effects are packed into a Briggs & Riley BRX Express Toiletry Kit. That way, if at any point I find myself needing something other than what’s already in the bag, I can go ahead and pack it or ask myself if it’s really necessary. I’ve used this kit for years on various trips for weeks at a time, so I know it holds up to abuse and has plenty of room. It’s just a matter of choosing the most important contents for the long haul.

For electronics, I’m weaning myself down to just a few things. Laptop, obviously. Do I need a separate Kindle? I’ve actually gone several weeks with just using the Kindle app on my Nexus and having no issues. For eight hour plane rides, though, I’m thinking it might make sense to spring for the new Kindle Oasis. I’m still debating my Bose headphones with noise canceling. Also important for long flights, but definitely a lot bulkier than just earbuds.

Clothing, same sort of thing. It’s summer here in Denver now, and we’ll be living somewhere warm, so it’s a good time to rehearse with the clothing. I bought a nice rain jacket, and I’ve ordered the XY37 Travel Hoody. Everything I’m wearing regularly sits separately in my closet, ready to be packed once I figure out the backpack situation.

All of this doesn’t mean I’m rejecting the ‘luxuries’ of home, however. I still enjoy having a variety of shoes, an electric toothbrush, particular pillows, and I still like listening to Sonos. I just try to be mindful and cognizant of those things I enjoy, which is a great way to live life, anyway! In a few months I’ll be without reliable air conditioning, which makes me appreciate it more now. I know I’ll not be able to mix cocktails at a whim on a quiet evening at home, so I’m embracing it.