Next Up: Mexico City

We hear of Digital Nomads going to many other places in Mexico, but Mexico City is rarely cited as being a remote worker’s dream destination. There are so many interesting cities in the world, why stay in Mexico City? But Madi disagrees, and since it’s her turn to pick where we go, she’s determined to show you that Mexico City is a great city for digital nomads.

So Why Does Madi think Mexico City is going to Rock?

Phenomenal Street Food

Mexican Street Food I’ve been told that the street food in Mexico is second only to SE Asia. On Twitter, @bklyntropicali says that the street food in Mexico City is out of this world, and she says, “My fav Mex City specialty are tlacoyos - football shaped tortillas (often blue) stuffed with bean and veg/meat. So yummy!”

So we’re going to try those! Do you have a recommendation? Tweet me at @DigitalNoMadi and I’ll include it!

There’s a TON of Things to do within the city

Topher and I are currently on a remote island in the Caribbean, so this really appeals to us.

On the To-Do List:

Templo Mayor

Mexico City’s Culture is as vivid as you can imagine

Sometimes you meet someone who is so passionate about something you want to try it too. For me, that person was a guy from Mexico City named Cristian, and his love of his hometown is what inspired to consider this location in the first place. The stories he told about the city’s history and its culture were so magical they’ve stuck with me to this day. For example, the two volcanos outside of Mexico City used to be two human lovers doomed to a horrible fate. The lower mountain, Iztaccihuatl, means “White Woman” and resembles the silhouette of a sleeping woman, complete with head, chest, knees and feet. The story goes like this: a warrior met and fell in love with a beautiful princess, and he was told that she was his to marry if he did well in battle against the Aztecs, so off he went to win her hand. After a few months of being gone, a messenger told the princess that her warrior lover had died in battle. Overcome by grief, she died of a broken heart. Soon after, the warrior returned triumphantly, expecting to marry his princess only to find out that she was dead! He buried her body on a mountaintop and swore to stand guard over her until he too died. The gods were moved by the doomed lovers and turned them into mountains so that they would always be together. The taller one, Popocatepetl, became a volcano that is still active with with his love and anger for her. They remain so to this day with Popocatepetl residing over his princess Iztaccihuatl, while she lay asleep. On occasion, Popo will spew ash, reminding those watching that he is always in attendance, that he will never leave the side of his beloved Izta.

So there you have it! Amazing Mexican food, lots to see and do, and a beautiful history and culture. Many more digital nomads should check out Mexico City too!