About Us

I bet you’re wondering why this adorable couple chose to name their site, “Fuck Your Travel Blog”.

When we were preparing to travel indefinitely, we had a ton of questions about what to pack, where to go, and what to expect while on the road. So we visited a bunch of travel blogs trying to figure out.

What we found was an internet filled with kids in their early 20s trying to make their lives look perfect through travel.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want obsess over some stranger’s flat, ripped stomach while they brag about how blissful their sponsored trip to the Maldives is, as I simultaneously cry into my pint of Cherry Garcia and wonder where my life went so terribly wrong.

But it got worse! Those same fake picture-perfect people were selling their filtered, unreal lives to us! You know the ones who make money travel blogging by teaching you how to make money travel blogging. They’re everywhere, they have no credibility, and they make us want to vomit.

So when we built our travel blog, we felt conflicted. Convention said in order to reach people, we needed to be vanilla, always optimistic, sell our blogging expertise for money, and portray a version of travel which is always pleasant and wondrous.

But we wanted to make a travel blog you’d actually read.

A travel blog that was full of the awkward, painful, fuck-it-all moments that inevitably come with living in new environments. A blog where you don’t feel like someone is writing for the purpose of selling you some ridiculously expensive program with no expertise to back it up. A blog that gives you valuable information you care about, while not taking ourselves too seriously.

If that’s what you want in a blog too, you’ve come to the right place.